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What is the Fast Pitch?

Whether you have an idea on a cocktail napkin or a relatively mature product ready for sale, click no further. Thanks to Fast Pitch, a new multi-media show, your invention will have the opportunity to get the exposure it needs to take it to the next level. If you currently have a product that needs a boost in sales and in general more exposure, Fast Pitch dedicates half of the 10 minute show on recognizing our “Top 3 Consumer Products”. During this part of our show, viewers will have the opportunity to purchase a product directly from the show (with a click of their mouse or directly from their cell phone). In conjunction with our parent company, Brandstar, we are poised to bring your product from concept to reality or provide a sales boost through a multi-media platform that includes a nationally syndicated television show, digital exposure, and much, more. Interested? CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED


Now it’s your turn to bring the next great product to market!
Please browse the candidates and place your vote. Every vote counts to help these emerging inventors take the next step for product development, sales & marketing, and exposure.
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